Thursday, May 15, 2014

Patio Re-Vamp!

Since we moved in last July I have been wanting to do something
with our outdoor patio space.  However when you are moving in the middle of the
Summer the last thing you really have time for is a patio project!!!  So over the
last couple of months I have been researching different ideas and have
found myself on Pinterest most nights!  Hey I know  you are there too:)
Below is a before picture of the space. 
Pretty sad.............a table, chairs and a grill.  But hey it
worked for the time being.  I love being outside and could eat every meal out there
so I wanted to make the space a little more private and comfy.
So here are a couple of after pics!
I love the new feel of the area and now we have plenty of space to entertain.
The gazebo was our biggest purchase but couldn't be happier with it!
It offers the shade you need for that Georgia Sun and also allows us to
be out there in the rain if we want to be. 
Please don't mind our grass we are in the process of bringing it back to life!
Now the table is a nice story!  My neighbors were having a garage
sale and when I went over to look at it I thought it might be too big
for the space so and it didn't have any chairs to go with it so I told them I
should hold off for now!  Well when I came back from running errands there
it sat on my patio!  They just gave it to us and told us to enjoy it:)
How nice!  The other funny part of the story is that the umbrella
came from our other's neighbor's house!   They had just got a new tiltable
one for their back patio and didn't have a use for it so I was quick to say
that I would take it off of their hands!
Total Score!!!  The umbrella matches the other patio furniture perfectly!
The chairs were my big splurge on this set.  I bought them on Amazon
but got FREE shipping on the order and they were literally the easiest thing I have
ever put together!  Four bolts and that was it!!
Below is the patio furniture we also purchased this year.  We got the
complete set at Sam's Club.  I really loved the color and the quality!
The chairs are so comfy and they swivel!

Here are a couple pics of my potted flowers.  I would love to do
more but I am holding off to see how these do first.
Below are a couple of pics of the patio table and chairs before I
spray painted them:)  The color of the table was pretty it just didn't match as well with
the gazebo so I thought a little spray paint would do the trick.

Well I am happy to say this new and improved
space has been such a great investment to our home.  We
love coming home after work and just sitting out there.  Not to mention my
favorite is on the weekends when I take my coffee and IPad and head out there
to catch up on all of my blogs :)
Speaking of blogs I will be linking up with the following great parties!!
June 10th over @ Yards & Outdoor Spaces!

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