Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dressing Room Reveal

Let me just say that this poor room has had three transformations
since we moved in a year ago in July:)  What can I say I like
change!   It is kind of an odd room and really wasn't even supposed to
be a room, the couple we bought the house from decided to close in the space
instead of having a balcony because when they built the house their
children were small and they saw it as a safety hazard.  It actually turned
out to be a cute room!  Below are a couple pictures of this space when it
was my craft/scrapbook room.  It really was a nice craft space but it did
feel a little cramped when I was working on a large project.  I like to have
room to spread out and since we have another room in our house that
wasn't being used I moved all of this stuff into that space!

Before I show the pictures of the finished space I will start with
the furniture I have in there.  I got this chest at a garage sale for $25
but it definitely needed some work but I thought it would work well for
a window seat in the dressing room along with extra storage!
I had a garage sale a couple of months ago and took all of the money I
made from that sale and bought this vanity.  It did come with the mirror
and stool/seat.   The knobs and the seat cushion were not to my liking
so I changed them out.  This was one of my easier projects :)

Here is a before picture of the seat before I covered it.  All I did
was purchase a yard of material from Hobby Lobby for 40% and then staple
it to the bottom of the seat and then re-attach the legs.
Now onto the fun the room looks now!
It is hard to take a whole picture of the space because of how
tiny it is.  I believe it is 6 feet wide by 9 feet long to give you a better idea.

Here is nice picture of the recovered seat along with the new hardware.

Every space needs a little bit of fun decor!

Over in this corner is "Shirley" my mannequin which was probably
my favorite garage sale find ever!  I got her from a lady that use to live close
to us in Pennsylvania and she was a steal for only $8!!! 
I use her a lot whenI  am coming up with outfit ideas because I can see how it looks the night
before and all I have to do is come in here in the morning and get ready to go!

On this wall I have a full length mirror.

As you come in the door to the right I have my jewelry display.
This was also a DIY project that I did to make this room function better
and keep my jewelry from being a tangled mess!!
You can read about it here:
 Since the room is so small I tried to utilize every inch!
On the back of the door I have my scarves organized with a shoe organizer
and on the top of the over the door hanger I store my belts.

Well thank you so much for stopping by!
I hope you have enjoyed this post and maybe it has even
given you an idea to create a similar space in your home or utilize
a small space to its full potential!
Have a wonderful weekend!!
Mrs. C


  1. So fun! What a great way to use this small space.

  2. What a fun space! I used to own a vanity and bench like that!