Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Getting More Life out of your Dresses!

Today's post is about making the most out of what you already have!
When I purchase a new piece I try to think about how many seasons I
can get out of it, especially when it comes to dress!
The dress below was purchased during the Spring Season a year
or so ago but I am still wearing it in Winter:)
With the addition of boots and leggings/stockings I have
been able to get more life out of it.  In the outfit
below I have just added a fun printed scarf which allows
me to wear either brown or black boots!
So look through your closet today and see what
pieces show potential for more life!
Happy Tuesday!
Mrs. C


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Calming the Morning Closet Chaos!

Well we've officially made it!
Happy Saturday to You!
Today I wanted to share with you one of things I do
during the week to help with the chaos that comes with mornings!
You know what I am talking about! 
There are really two things that help me stay on schedule
and get out the door without being late and wearing mix matched shoes:)
I pack our lunches and snacks the night before and try to make
a couple things ahead for the week.
I take a little time Sunday evening and I usually check the weather
to see how cold/hot it is going to and see if we are expecting and rain.
This way I can plan accordingly and lay out 5 outfits for the upcoming week.
I usually tag them with the days of the week but sometime events change and
I won't wear that outfit on that day but this way I have options.
I got the takes you see in the picture below awhile back at
The Container Store for $0.99 each:)
I also use them in my closet as clothing dividers.

I think this really helps my stay on task in the morning
and keeps me from staring at the closet thinking I have nothing to wear!
Well I hope you are enjoying your weekend!
Give it a try this weekend and see if it helps you out
on Monday Morning:)
Mrs. C

Thursday, February 27, 2014

For the Love of Green Pants

So one of my newest loves is colored pants!
However I do have trouble finding a color that looks good on my
body type.  That is why when I found these green skinny jeans
at Old Navy I was so excited!
Below is an outfit I put together and wore out
shopping over the weekend.  Since we are not into Spring
yet I decided to pair them with a pair of boots.
I love the green purse, probably one of my favorite purchases
of all time :)
So now I have the following colored pants:
So do you wear colored pants and if so what is your favorite?
I think by adding some colored bottoms it gives you so many more
mixable pieces to your current wardrobe!
Happy Thursday!
Mrs. C

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sweater Weather!

Well I don't know about you but I am ready for Spring!
However for the mean time I am trying to stay positive and add
some color to Winter's Sweater Weather!
Here are a few colorful options for late winter!
Below is probably my favorite!  I love orange and brown and
with the contrast of the print with the strips it just gives it
that added flair.
This is your standard preppy look but I love the pink
pop of color! 
Last but not least we have polka dots!  I think every
closet should contain this fun pattern!
So if you have the winter blues trying looking through
your closet for some colorful options to
brighten your day!
Happy Tuesday!
Mrs. C

Monday, February 24, 2014

Consignment Store Shopping!

Well this past weekend I ventured out to a couple of new
consignment stores with neighbor and really got some great deals!
By now you can tell I hate to pay full price for anything, ESPECIALLY
clothing!  One of my favorite stores we went to was the Red Door Consignment shop
here in Tyrone, GA.  They had a great variety of household items, clothing, shoes, and
accessories but the best part was there pricing!
Here is their website if you live in the Atlanta area:
Listed below are some of my favorite pieces that I got.  So here's the scoop
on what I got for my money.  I spent $83 and got 12 pieces of clothing!!
Woo hoo yes, 12!  Not to mention 4 of them still had the tags on them!
Listed below are a couple of my favorites!
Starting with this cute and fun T-shirt!
The tanks were still on it!  Total Score!
It just screams SUMMER :)
Next up was another piece that still had the
tags on it!  It is such a cute sun dress!
Now below is one of my favorite pieces I got this weekend!
 It is a green and black tweed jacket by JCREW, perfect for late winter/early
Spring!  The best part about this jacket is that I picked it up for $1.00!
Another nice Spring/Summer top.  I am not sure
why but I am really loving the color yellow right now!
It is such a "happy" color!
I am so excited about the top in the below picture!
The outfit possibilities are endless with this one :)

Just a couple more finds from this weekend :)

So if you are like me and are always looking for a great
deal or want to update your current wardrobe but don't
want to spend a fortune look around at your local consignment stores!
You never know what you might find!  I think I just
the hunt for a great bargain!
Happy Monday!
Mrs. C

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Craft/Office Space Small but Mighty!

So for today's post I would like to take you on a very quick tour
of my new office/craft area.  Since moving into our new home I have had this
space in two different rooms:)  As much as I love to craft and scrapbook it seems
like I don't have as much time for it and I am also enjoying other hobbies.  So with
saying that I realized that since I had all of my supplies in a much larger room I spent
half of my crafting time running around the room to gather what I needed.  Now since the
space is A LOT smaller everything is in an arms length and I only keep and or buy
what I need for my upcoming projects.  In the past I would just buy things because
they were a good deal and would never get around to using them!  Since I don't have
the space I don't buy :)  Problem Solved!
 The picture below is the entry way to my new room.  I love
the book page wreath I made this past year at Christmas time and thought
this might be the perfect place to put it on display!
Now as you come into the room you will see on the right hand side I have
an Ikea Expedit unit, which is key for keeping everything organized in
such a small space!  I believe this room only measure about 6 X 9 so that will give
a better understanding of what I am working with:)
One of my favorite features of this room is the big window in the back of the room,
it lets in so much natural light and makes you feel good when you are working in
the space!
On the left side of the wall is my desk unit.  This unit works out well
since it doubles as extra storage with the shelving and that you can store
items on top.  The only down side is that it doesn't really allow you to spend out
on a huge work surface.  I have noticed since I don't have a large surface to spread
out on that I do stay a little more focused on the project at hand :)
That is saying a lot for me!!  So I guess there is good and bad with both but
you just need to see what works for  you!
I'll go back to the Expedit unit for a minute and give you a better
idea of what I store here:
On top: Speciality Papers-on the racks
On top: Ink Pads
On top: 8.5 X 11 Card Stock
In the first row of cubes: Clear Mounted Stamps & Adhesives
Second Row of Cubes: Idea Books & Paper Packs
Third Row of Cubes: Wood Mounted Stamps/ Misc Items
Bottom Row of Cubes: Punches

Now besides the big wall unit I have a rolling filing system
that I got years ago at a garage sale for $7 that holds all of
Scrap paper.  This system seems to work well for me because
I have each section labeled and when I need a certain color or patter
for a project I can go right to it.

Well thank you so much for stopping by my
Scrapbook/Office space!  I hope it has given you some ideas
for your own space even if the space is not huge! 
You don't need a lot of space to be CREATIVE!!
Enjoy Your Weekend!
Mrs. C

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Classic Black Dress-Stylized!

Well like many women I love the idea of the classic
black dress.  I think it one of those pieces that will never go out
of style.  So with that being said I looked through my closet because
I knew I had more than one black dress but I decided on this one since
it fit so nice an was more on the plain side.  Now when I say plain
that is a good thing:)  The simpler the black dress the more wear you will get out of it!
I actually purchased this dress from Target a little while back due to how
simple and affordable it was! 

Now in the below pictures I show a couple of different blazers and cardigans
that would work well for your everyday office look.

Above look I think would be fun for Fall.
Now just by changing out different colored scarves and
blazers you are able to create a completely different look!

Below is a more casual option for a lunch date with girlfriends or
out for some weekend shopping.  Especially if the weather is a little
cooler the cardigan will keep your arms covered.

The next look in the picture below is showing the dress
with a sweater layered over top.  Since most little black dresses are fitted on the top
layering is very achievable.

Lastly is just another cardigan but with a pop of color
and a statement necklace.  I love this green!

So pull out that little black dress and put it to good use this week!
Thanks for stopping by!
Mrs. C


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Radiant Orchard Color of the Year!

Well the other day when I browsing on Pinterest,
I came across a couple of outfits that were inspired by the color of the year:
It is such a pretty color but I think it is one of those
to ease into:)
Pantone 2014 Radiant Orchid
So I dug through my closet and found this cute and comfy dress
that I bought at Target a couple of years back and decided to
see how many different looks I could achieve with it!
The first two options would be more a dressy work attire
outfit for me.  In the first picture I paired the dress with a little
black cardigan, a black belt, and a necklace to complete the look. 
I would wear black tights or leggings with this outfit depending on the
weather.  I really think you could go a couple of different ways with shoes.
Boots, Heels, or flats would even work!

Below I went a more business look and used your
traditional black blazer but kept everything the same.
As far as pairing up a shoe for this outfit I think a nice
black heel would complete the business professional look!

Now this one below is probably my favorite but is also geared
towards warmer weather.  The dress was accessorized with a brown
belt and necklaces.  I think the necklace layering really makes all of
the colors pop!

So by adding a jacket and brown boots you could turn
make this outfit work for both Spring and Fall.

Just a different belt to give it that more casual fun feel!

So in conclusion I think Radiant Orchard is definitely
a color to try out this year.  It really goes well with neutrals and might be the pop
of color your wardrobe might need! 
Thanks so much for stopping by!
Happy Hump Day!
Mrs. C

Monday, February 3, 2014

Necklace Layering

One of the trends I am currently in love with is necklace layering.  I love to
accessorize and since I tend to favor more basic tops accessories really make
all of the difference!  So over the weekend I went through all of the necklaces I currently have
to see what I could come up!  Below you can check out the combinations and see
if you can do the same with what you currently have!
I have a couple of favorites and the first two here I believe
are the winners:)

I got the above combination a couple of years
ago at Bon Ton.  I think each necklace was only like $4.98!
Now that's my kind of sale!

Now for this combination I just turned the green part of this
necklace backwards so I could see if another gold chain that
was similar to this one wold work.  I really like this combo so
I think for February budget I will look for something similar!

Well thank you so much for stopping by!
Hopefully you can go home and dig in your jewelry box and
come up with a couple necklace combination as well!
Happy Monday!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Setting a Clothing Budget!

Well Happy February 1st to you!
Can you believe we are already into the second
month of the new year! 
Well last weekend I decided to start a little Spring
cleaning in my closet!  I pretty much went through
and tried on each section at a time and bagged up
anything that didn't look and feel like something that I
would be wearing anytime in the near future.
So with saying that I came up with three bags of nice
clothing, one for a consignment store here in Georgia
called Plato's Closet.  Have you have ever heard of it?
They really have an awesome concept to how they do their
consigning, they actually pay you cash or credit on the spot instead of waiting until your items sell!!
It is pretty awesome and they have a huge selection of name brands in great condition.  The problem there is they only take and sell items based more for juniors/young adults. 
Not saying that I am getting old:)  but I really only get bottoms there since some of the other items just don't fit my style right now:) 
Next I have a second bag for The Pink Hanger consignment store, which actually specializes in kids, women's, and juniors.  I have actually done pretty well with my items there so far in the last six months!  I have actually recycled about $90 worth of clothing from using their store:)
Lastly my third bag is for the Goodwill, anything that didn't quite make the brand cut list or was out of season I just donated!
So all things considered I feel pretty good about how my
closet is currently functioning for me!
Listed below are the links to the consignment stores
that I currently go to.  You might want to check them out and
see if there is one in your area!
Plato's Closet
The Pink Hanger
So now to get into the title of this post:
Setting a Clothing Budget
I am a huge fan of the blog,
J's Everyday Fashion
She really comes up with the best outfits and shows you
how to make the most out of your closet.
One of the things she does to keep her closet fresh
is set up a monthly clothing budget!
I love this idea just for the simple fact that it takes the guilt
out of buying for me!  If I have to save for something it seems
more like a reward than a splurge:)
So I have my budget in mind and hope to add to it with
the consignment bags I have to drop off today!
In addition to setting this clothing budget I am also
going to make a wish list/shopping guide for when
I am out an about and not just make impulse buys!
Stop back later this week to see what
I have added to my closet for the month of January!
So do you have a clothing budget?  If so how do allocate
where you are going to spend it?
Thanks so much for stopping by!!
Mrs. C