Sunday, June 8, 2014

Brown Linen Dress & Curly Hair

Well I hope everyone had a great weekend!
Today's post will be short and sweet:)
I have recently purchased this dress for $12 at the
Red Door Consignment and though it would be the perfect
outfit for our Saturday date night:)
Since it is hot and humid at night I went with the
natural curly hair:)  My hair stayed nice all night
without getting frizzy, thanks to Ouidad Hair Products :)
I paired this dress with a belt and a fun
pair of gladiator sandals!
Happy Sunday!
Mrs. C

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ouidad Curly Hair Product Review

Every girl wants the hair they can't have! 
I know that statement is true for me.
My past visit to my hair dresser really opened my eyes
to my natural curly hair.  I am usually a blow it dry
and straight iron kind of girl especially as the Summer heat approaches.
She made the comment to me about how pretty my natural curl
was and asked why I never where it like that.  Well if you have curly
hair you know 9 times out 10 it get huge and frizzy, that is why I never really
wore it in it's natural state!  I love curly hair but every time I would try to
"scrunch" it all it would do is make my hair feel crunchy :(
So she mentioned a product called Ouidad which has a complete
line designed for curly hair so you can embrace your natural curls!
I have to admit it did change my life in a way!!!  Ok that might be a
bit of a stretch but it did change my morning routine and how long it takes
me to get ready!  I can't get over how pretty my natural curls have become after
using this product and following the "Rake and Shake" styling method!
Below is a video that shows you the technique they use and
how pretty the curls turn out.
Over the weekend I hope to get a few pictures
of how my hair looks! 
So if you have curly hair this may be a product
you want to check out!  Embrace the curls:)
Happy Wednesday!
Mrs. C

Monday, June 2, 2014

May Clothing Budget

Here we are at a brand new month!  I just love Summer time!
This past weekend I spent much of my time outdoor working in the
yard and planting flowers!  I am not sure what has gotten into
me recently but I love being out in the flower beds and working,
yes even pulling weeds!
Now onto May's Clothing Budget
Each week I put aside $20-$40 depending on what I am
looking to buy for the month to spend on clothing, shoes, and accessories. 
By allowing myself this money out
of each check it makes feel good about the purchases I make and
usually helps me buy more pieces that I will use.
I don't always spend it all so I just roll it over to the next month and put
it towards a larger piece another month.  For example I didn't spend the
full $160.00 so I am going to keep it for a rainy day shopping trip:)
Especially after looking at my closet and seeing all of the sandals
I currently own!! Yikes! 
Here are the pieces I added to my closet in May:
I do tend to buy a lot of accessories each month
because they open up other possibilities in your closet!
Necklace: $5 (Plato's Closet)
Earrings: $5 (Plato's Closet)
Scarf: $5.00 (Plato's Closet)
I love this scarf.  I am a little crazy for the color blue lately
so I know I will get a lot of wear of this piece and be able to
accessorize many outfits!

Dress: $12 (Plato's Closet)
This dress is such a fun print and actually much
prettier in person.

Fun Print Shirt: $7.00 (Plato's Closet)
I knew when I saw this shirt with all of its bright
colors it would be a piece that could go with so many
bottoms and accessories that I just had to have it!

Dress: $12.00 (Plato's Closet)
Another great dress from Plato's Closet!

Ann Taylor Dress: $10.00 (Second Hand Sam's)
The next few pieces are a steal from a local consignment shop!
Yes $10 for an Ann Taylor dress!  I am so excited to wear this one.
It fits perfectly and is one of those pieces that you just feel pretty in :)

Dress: $10.00 (Second Hand Sam's)
Anchor Necklace: (Second Hand Sam's-GIFT)

Ann Taylor Linen Pants: $10.00 (Second Hand Sam's)
These pants were such a great buy and will be a nice
addition to my work wardrobe!

Total for May: $76.00
Traded at Plato's Closet: -$25.66
Total Out of Pocket for May: $50.34
So there you have it! I am big on recycling my clothes so
I can purchase new items.  I always have a bag started in my
closet for consignment or garage sale.  So I would love to
hear if you give yourself a clothing budget or if you have a shopping
method/secret for purchasing new items and keeping your closet
feeling stylish!
Happy Monday!
Mrs. C

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dressing Room Reveal

Let me just say that this poor room has had three transformations
since we moved in a year ago in July:)  What can I say I like
change!   It is kind of an odd room and really wasn't even supposed to
be a room, the couple we bought the house from decided to close in the space
instead of having a balcony because when they built the house their
children were small and they saw it as a safety hazard.  It actually turned
out to be a cute room!  Below are a couple pictures of this space when it
was my craft/scrapbook room.  It really was a nice craft space but it did
feel a little cramped when I was working on a large project.  I like to have
room to spread out and since we have another room in our house that
wasn't being used I moved all of this stuff into that space!

Before I show the pictures of the finished space I will start with
the furniture I have in there.  I got this chest at a garage sale for $25
but it definitely needed some work but I thought it would work well for
a window seat in the dressing room along with extra storage!
I had a garage sale a couple of months ago and took all of the money I
made from that sale and bought this vanity.  It did come with the mirror
and stool/seat.   The knobs and the seat cushion were not to my liking
so I changed them out.  This was one of my easier projects :)

Here is a before picture of the seat before I covered it.  All I did
was purchase a yard of material from Hobby Lobby for 40% and then staple
it to the bottom of the seat and then re-attach the legs.
Now onto the fun the room looks now!
It is hard to take a whole picture of the space because of how
tiny it is.  I believe it is 6 feet wide by 9 feet long to give you a better idea.

Here is nice picture of the recovered seat along with the new hardware.

Every space needs a little bit of fun decor!

Over in this corner is "Shirley" my mannequin which was probably
my favorite garage sale find ever!  I got her from a lady that use to live close
to us in Pennsylvania and she was a steal for only $8!!! 
I use her a lot whenI  am coming up with outfit ideas because I can see how it looks the night
before and all I have to do is come in here in the morning and get ready to go!

On this wall I have a full length mirror.

As you come in the door to the right I have my jewelry display.
This was also a DIY project that I did to make this room function better
and keep my jewelry from being a tangled mess!!
You can read about it here:
 Since the room is so small I tried to utilize every inch!
On the back of the door I have my scarves organized with a shoe organizer
and on the top of the over the door hanger I store my belts.

Well thank you so much for stopping by!
I hope you have enjoyed this post and maybe it has even
given you an idea to create a similar space in your home or utilize
a small space to its full potential!
Have a wonderful weekend!!
Mrs. C

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

DIY Jewelry Display: Pegboard

Since we had an extra long weekend I was able
to get caught up on a couple of projects around the house.
One of them being my new jewelry display that I put together
using an old frame that I purchased from a garage sale and a
piece of peg board from Home Depot. 
I am sorry I forgot to take a before picture of the frame.  It actually
was a mirror to begin with but it was cracked so I just removed
the glass and kept the frame.  The nice thing about the frame it was
a perfect measurement 2' X 4'!  It worked out great because Home Depot
sells already cut pieces of peg board in this size.
Below is a picture of the peg board before I painted it. 
I used an antique white paint that I had left over from another
project so it would show off my jewelry.  You could really use whatever
color you like.
Here it is after the peg board has been attached to the
frame and painted.  The frame was a bargain for only $5 at
a garage sale and I believe the peg board was between $6 and $8
dollars, so for less than $15 I know have an organized jewelry display
that is pretty and fits in well with my dressing room.
The finished project with all of my jewelry neatly hung and
easy to get to.  It make getting ready in the morning so much more
enjoyable!  It kind of feels like I am in a boutique:)  I just walk over
and pick out what I want to wear and away I go.  Not to mention at the
end of the day I can easily put away my jewelry instead of letting it sit
on my night stand until I have a tangled mess!
Ahhh the things you can do with a little paint and
a piece of peg board :)

Well I hope you have enjoyed this simple project and
can possibly put it to use if not for a jewelry display maybe
for another area in your home.  Maybe a craft room???
Happy Wednesday!
Mrs. C
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Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day!
I hope you are enjoying the long weekend with family and friends!
Yesterday we had a cookout to celebrate with friends and neighbors
so I thought I would share with you what I wore and what
I took for a dessert for the party.
I decided to go with my navy blue dress since it was a light material
and comfy since it was about 90 degrees here!  I wasn't sure if I would like this
dress when I first bought it because of the side cut outs but it actually is a really
pretty feature of the dress and doesn't expose too much skin which I like:)
I paired it with my new anchor necklace, red and gold earrings, and a nude
pair of sandals.  I really love the navy and nude color combo, such a classic!
Now onto the fun part................ DESSERT!!
Here is a link and video for the recipe!

Below is how my cake turned out.  Super easy and so
yummy and you can make it healthy! This is my kind of recipe!
In the picture below you see the jello cake before you add the cool whip.
The fresh fruit and jello really give it a light feel that is perfect for a Summer time dessert!
The finished product!
So it might be a little late for Memorial Day but we still have
Flag Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day coming up so this might be one
you want to try!  Not to mention you could top the cool whip with fresh fruit and
not do a patriotic theme.

Happy Memorial Day!
Mrs. C

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Day Outfit: Part 2

Happy Memorial Day weekend!
We have finally made it, the official kick off to Summer!
I don't know about you but I am so excited, I love this time of year.
So today's post is another Memorial Day themed outfit but really just a casual
weekend look.  I love this t-shirt and I have to admit I am a little obsessed with
the nautical themed prints and accessories:)  Actually yesterday my hubby bought me a
cute anchor pendant necklace when we were on a date:)  Love him!
The shirt I have on below was one of my best consignment store finds yet!
It still had the tags on it and was originally $39 but  I got it for $10.00.
This might just be my favorite!
This clutch was a great find at Kohl's last year and
was 80% off along with my additional 30%, I think I made like $4 bucks
for it:)  The anchor bracelet was another great find from Plato's closet for
$4 dollars as well and the bangles I already owned but thought they
worked well together.


Well I hope you have enjoyed the long weekend so far and got to wear
something that screams Summer!  I would love to see what
wore this weekend, leave a comment with your blog address:)
Happy Sunday!
Mrs. C

Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day Outfit Ideas: Part 1

TGIF!!! Well we've officially made it
to Friday and it is a holiday weekend!
Woo hoo, come on 3-day weekend!
Well I hope you have something
fun planned for this weekend or at least
a little R & R!  Today I wanted to share with you
a Memorial Day themed outfit that maybe doesn't
scream flags and fireworks:)

So I went with red shorts and blue and white
polka dot shirt with gold accessories.
I actually wore this to work yesterday but
would be a great choice for a weekend party.
I always thought that these red shorts were a little
loud but paired with a fun top they are almost
as staple as white shorts but with a little flair!

Check back later in the weekend I hope
to do two more outfit ideas along with
a few Memorial Day desserts!
Happy Friday to you and thanks for stopping by!
Mrs. C

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Outfit Inspiration: Jennifer Aniston

Well first of all I love Jennifer Aniston's street style.  She always
looks so put together even in flip flops and a tank!
I love her hair in this picture as well.  Just a nice clean
casual weekend outfit.

So over the weekend I was at a garage
sale in my neighbor hood and picked up this LOFT 3/4 length
shirt for only $1.00 woo hoo!  I started to look on Pinterest
and  came upon the picture above and thought that this shirt
would be a close alternative for work to this outfit.  Since I can dress
casual for work, shorts are allowed :)

The lighting in our office isn't fantastic so sorry if the picture
isn't the best.  You still get a good idea of how the outfit came together.
This will definitely be worn again for a casual look on the weekend as well!
So the next time you are out shopping come home and see what
outfits you can create by looking to other for inspiration.
I always say I am a good duplicator not always the best
I will back later in the week with Memorial Day party outfits!
Happy Wednesday!
Mrs. C

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Patio Re-Vamp!

Since we moved in last July I have been wanting to do something
with our outdoor patio space.  However when you are moving in the middle of the
Summer the last thing you really have time for is a patio project!!!  So over the
last couple of months I have been researching different ideas and have
found myself on Pinterest most nights!  Hey I know  you are there too:)
Below is a before picture of the space. 
Pretty sad.............a table, chairs and a grill.  But hey it
worked for the time being.  I love being outside and could eat every meal out there
so I wanted to make the space a little more private and comfy.
So here are a couple of after pics!
I love the new feel of the area and now we have plenty of space to entertain.
The gazebo was our biggest purchase but couldn't be happier with it!
It offers the shade you need for that Georgia Sun and also allows us to
be out there in the rain if we want to be. 
Please don't mind our grass we are in the process of bringing it back to life!
Now the table is a nice story!  My neighbors were having a garage
sale and when I went over to look at it I thought it might be too big
for the space so and it didn't have any chairs to go with it so I told them I
should hold off for now!  Well when I came back from running errands there
it sat on my patio!  They just gave it to us and told us to enjoy it:)
How nice!  The other funny part of the story is that the umbrella
came from our other's neighbor's house!   They had just got a new tiltable
one for their back patio and didn't have a use for it so I was quick to say
that I would take it off of their hands!
Total Score!!!  The umbrella matches the other patio furniture perfectly!
The chairs were my big splurge on this set.  I bought them on Amazon
but got FREE shipping on the order and they were literally the easiest thing I have
ever put together!  Four bolts and that was it!!
Below is the patio furniture we also purchased this year.  We got the
complete set at Sam's Club.  I really loved the color and the quality!
The chairs are so comfy and they swivel!

Here are a couple pics of my potted flowers.  I would love to do
more but I am holding off to see how these do first.
Below are a couple of pics of the patio table and chairs before I
spray painted them:)  The color of the table was pretty it just didn't match as well with
the gazebo so I thought a little spray paint would do the trick.

Well I am happy to say this new and improved
space has been such a great investment to our home.  We
love coming home after work and just sitting out there.  Not to mention my
favorite is on the weekends when I take my coffee and IPad and head out there
to catch up on all of my blogs :)
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